About LUGoNS

LUGoNS – Linux user group of Novi Sad has long time ago overgrown it’s geographic attribute, it is the oldest Linux community in this region. Milobit (milobit) one of the founders of LUGoNS made his first contact with SUSE Linux in the 90s during his studies at the University of Mannheim in Germany. That is the origin of a spark which turned vivid flame thanks to Nikola Kavečan and many other important friends as Danica Novaković – kaneolopa i Nikola Novaković – dreamerns, Nikola Kotur – kotnik, Goran Mekić – meka, Dani Laslo – nsd, Velibor Glišin – bobus, Ivan Vitjuk – virtus, Slobodan Sredojević – ssl, Lazar Stričević – lucky, Žarko Živanov – zare and many many others. That is how ns-linux.org was born.

2005 the internet site became well known and the first official gathering was held. Surprisingly a lot of people showed up and had a great time, that was a sign that it is about time for us to become official registered community.

Not long after that we opened the Forum, the Lab and we started projects and education, studies about Free Software, programming and technologies. We have also organized numerous presentations, gatherings, LIDs (Linux Install Day) all that in the LUGoNS hacker space.

We have worked very hard on many projects. Most important onces are:

Tor – Anonymity Online (in progress).

Translation projects (from English to Serbian, our native language): Slackbook, Gentoo handbook,


We have started lectures via Virtual classroom as well as numerous faculty lectures etc.

All you wonderful and generous people who helped us and supported us all these years thank you very very much, we wouldn’t be here today without you.

All of you who are interested please feel free to join us and to become a part of this community. We welcome you.

All the activities and projects you can see here:

LUGoNS official web site

LUGoNS Forum

LUGoNS Planet

LUGoNS Wiki page

IRC irc server: irc.freenode.net    channel: #lugons


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