Django workshop #1 – Python web development – Intro Django tutorial 15. 11. 2014. 17h @ FTN classroom 203

Django – Python web framework

Requirements: bring your laptop, extension cables, novice level of
FAQ: It’s not required to know python.

Python is pretty much a mature programming language. It’s used in large
variety of tasks like user applications, science, a scripting laguage
and in web development. In this workshop we’ll present you the Django, a
Python framework for web applications. Django isn’t a CMS, blog engine
or wiki. Django is a set of libraries and tools which will help you to
build a web application, web service or simply a web site by your
personal preference.

Django is a FLOSS project, developed by the community and the source
code is of course available. If you’re not sure if you will like it or
you don’t believe us that it’s worth considering, here’s few interesting

– Integrated ORM (object-relational mapper)
– Well developed MVC
– Jinja like template engine
– Integrated support for testing
– Auto-generated admin interface
– Support for validating and generating HTML forms from data models
– DB scheme migration based on changes in data models
– Internationalization
– Built-in dev web server

It’s the Python. What else? (:

The idea is that in the first Django workshop we introduce you to Django
through standard tutorial and begin a talk on deployment Python based
web projects to a production server. We hope you will like Django and
Python, and that you will find nice use for it and then that you will
share those experiences with us in some future events.lugons

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