BalCCon first international presentation

Eeasterhegg 2012
Where: Basel, Switzerland
When: April 06. –  09. 2012

The first international presentation BalCCon projects was held at the Easterhegg 2012 congress in Basel, Switzerland. milobit and zxy were the speakers for lighting talk which lasted 10 minutes. Spoken language: German.

During the presentation few points were taken:

  • BalCCon is a first Balcan hackers congress. Although there is a huge number of people interested in that activity, there is no similar manifestation in our region.
  • As a grown-up community, we are willing to organize this kind of event, to all the people who have no financial support to visit American or European congresses.
  • We see it as a great opportunity to meat people with similar interests, to share knowledge and experience and all of that at our neighborhood.
  • Our goal is to gather and link as many communities as possible to make solid base for further projects.
  • Congress is planned for September 2013.  Location: Novi Sad, official language: English.
  •      We are planning a huge international gathering of communities and free lensers with a lot of opportunities for hacking, gaming, learning, networking and of course partying.
  •     Our speakers are very satisfied with the response and interest in people for a BalCCon presentation. They have met a lot of new people and made a many contacts. Everybody really liked our idea, and they are all willing to support it.

The first international BalCCon presentation.

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