Install Linux Day -> Sunday, 10 mart 2013. from 10:00 to 15:00 hour in the CK13

Installation and setup Linux by members of LUGoNS

Where, what, who?
Linux Install Day will be held on Sunday, 10th March 2013 .  from 10.00-15.00pm  in LUGoNS Laboratories (CK13).  The idea is to help you to install Linux. For those who choose that we install Linux for them, they will receive from us installation DVD or CD, if we have them in stock.

Why are we doing this?
Many times people have asked us why we wanted to donate some knowledge, and then to resolve the mystery. We are not masochists who like to charge their work. Simply, if you want to do, (I mean business and jobs under Linux) we have to show people that this operating system is not a chore. The more of us there Linux users, the greater the chances for a job in a Linux environment. Another reason is that it is nice to help, such as people and helped us to stand on our feet with Linux.

What to bring?
First, take the good will and patience! Since there will be relatively few members LUGoNS, we can not guarantee that your machine will be taken care first. There are just  few technical requests:

  • First, If you make a desktop computer, carry case, monitor, keyboard, mouse and all cables
  • Second ,on your computer, make sure to / leave a blank, unformatted partition of at least 10GB


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